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    No more for me this year

    give it to me anyone who feels free….whilst sheens the clown continues to play moltzen and lui in the same 17 i will not watch another game tired of the no pressure mistakes these two make ....
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    If we are on

    we can beat any side in the comp …..manly were not that great last week... completions are always the key with us .....we are going ok in defence confident .....
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    Why arent the nrl looking into st george

    the dogs and the storm lost a competition , so why isnt saints in the same boat ….the farce with gasnier makes it even more obvious that the game is a rort... sign him on 50 k to fit him in and he retires a year later .....another reason they dont get my membership hard earned.....
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    Ok robbies game was better tonight

    now that was the pleasing part i got out of tonights game … we all know robbie is a class player and tonight he showed us what we have been waiting for ....ill have a pie with sause please .... any more takers .....
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    Aaron woods

    played his best game in first grade tonight … really stamped his authority on the cows pack imo .... young groat .... the future looks good up front.....
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    Whys meaney in the 17

    just asking ….is timmy moltzen in doubt ... it dosent show much confidence if we are carrying a fullback ... i suppose meaney will get the usual 5 minutes at the end of the game ....
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    thats always our key … our defence isnt too bad ,,but the silly passes when it isnt on are killing us out our sets ...wingers and fullback , run the ball back at pace instead of propping and looking to pass to each other .....and no 3rd tackle grubbers mr farah ..... we are a big...
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    Play benji at fullback

    starting this week ,put benji to fullback and fulton into 5/8….if he gunna be our fullback next year we may as well give him a crack now .
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    Get on the tigers

    the tigers are the bet of the weekend
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    Humpty dumpty

    humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a great fall , all the kings horses and all the kings men couldnt put humpty together again… sure is gunna be hard for humpty to put this place back together again...robbie wants out benji wants out 7 players with their bags packed of...
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    Pretty proud of the effort

    the pink ladies in the middle once again put their stamp on the game with their different interpretations of the game … they can lie all over us , they can roll and go on with the tackle . they can not stand square at marker... i thought we put up a great effort in defence ... we had no...
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    Lui not a first grader

    didnt have a clue when it came to organising , and as we all know is a speed hump in defence
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    But they couldnt walk the walk ….. thats why gibbs and fifita and co are not needed beyond this season .... 55% of the ball .. 6 penalties in the second half and barring gareth ellis our forward packed was totally outplayed by a lesser pack of forwards ..... there wont be any celebrations this...
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    Farah will have a big one

    i reckon the few days spent back in origin camp will be the ingredient needed for farah to forget his demons and get back to his best …...we all know he has the goods .....
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    Forget the blair V everybody

    im over the crap talk…...the bloke we do have to watch today is sika manu .. he is the one who has been hurting teams on the edges.....
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    Uates tackle

    you watch the people who run this game play down the spear tackle so uate can play origin … its at least a two week suspension for mine .....
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    Degois made farah look average

    well this is why farah cant crack it for origin .degois played him off a break tonight …..
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    On ya bike mckinnon

    the tigers should release him immediately ,,,he was a crock at the warriors so we threw him a life line ,,, is it the 3rd time this year he has dropped out …..brown to fullback please mr sheens .....
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    Tim moltzen

    great win today ,,, but yet he again he showed he is only a halve ,,,,,lui has well and truly overtaken him ( good vision southern tiger ) and he will never get benjis position …. he had 3 chances to put his winger away today and blew all 3 ... it was only the rhinos great strength that got him...
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    Who is the GRUBB tonight?

    Everytime we get beat somebody can always come up with a player that irks them …. Hodges ? he milked two penalties that i seen ....or is the problem with our players because they are just too dumb to play football......