2023 Grand Final Score Prediction

Penrith have the best defence in the comp by a long way... no way they get 32 put on them haha
Broncos ran some pretty slick plays last week against the Warriors. A forward pass (or two) being let go certainly helped. I'd like to see lots of points scored by both sides. Prefer that to happen in a game I'm not invested in, than stodgy defence winning the day.
It's going to be good. I haven't seen such strong teams go at it for ages. Penrith and Broncos are way ahead of the rest.

It's going to come down to the centers and offloads from the second rowers. meh do the numbers...

Fullback -> Broncos
Wings -> Turuva/Arthurs goes Turuva... Cobbo is performing better then an unusually quiet T'oo..even.
Centers -> Farnworth vs Crichton is even.. Staggs is far better then Tago, Broncos.
5/8 -> Luai
Halfbacks -> even. I think Reynolds has more experience while Cleary is a better defender.
Props -> Donkeys
Hookers -> Penriff
2nd row _. even but penrith.

Then the Bench... Penrith by a fair bit.
The Broncos bench is very green. I have no idea why Kevie Walters isn't throwing Marty Taupau in there as IMHO finals he would explode.

Meh it will be a good game.
Penrith 28 Broncos. 16
magpies to win Afl
Sydney to win soccer
knights to win Ladies Nrlw

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