At last...


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Jul 16, 2009
At last we get a victory. Wasn't very convincing but such wins can get a team back on track and I'm hoping this one is the one that gets us back on track.

This leaves us a nice 7 day break, we're we can rest over the weekend and prepare for next friday's game against NZ. Which thankfully will be at a ground that is quite familiar to us being Campbelltown.

Thought defense was very solid tonight, apart from Rogers' try and a couple of line breaks during that first 20 minutes, our defense never really looked like cracking.

Attack was pretty ordinary, apart from that last try with some nice passing and good skill from Daniela to just niggle it along with his knees there.

Hopefully we come with the same attitude against an also out of form NZ team who will be hungry for a win


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Nov 6, 2009
I agre Citizen Cub - this could be one of those tough wins that gets us out of the rot. Very similar to last season although it has happened earlier this year - hopefully we can build upon this and put ourselves in a good position after the Origin period. With no players out for rep duty, we can make a little surge here.

I guess the boys have lived up to their word and said they would improve after last week. I hope everyone gets out to Campbelltown to help the boys. Give a little and get a little back.


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Jul 11, 2009
at last indeed,but all that comes to mind is now what.
tonight the conditions probably suited us in the fact the tigers first and foremost had to show some ticker out there.
against a newcastle side,that is really all you need.

are they willing to back this up not just next week but for the rest of the year?
do the players actually want to play the warriors.


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Jul 13, 2009
at last, it would appear that wests-tigers can go well in the wet.
please turn up with same determination and attitude in defence, and completion rate, for warrior's game.
they will by no means be easy.