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Jul 10, 2009
...ahead of you....
I usually log in to a forum and leave it there on the comp most days if im home - not when working - on leave now but I notice this forum seems to log you out if you go away for a while and do something else like cook a feed….any way to change this?
works fine for me…

i'm logged in when ever i use my Iphone, work computer or laptop
@Zaibatsu said:
Yeah working fine for me also, I haven't had to log in again since I joined.

Ditto. What OS are you using Ink? I'm mainly accessing this site from Vista ultimate using IE7\. I did log in earlier using XP and Mozilla and it did not keep my details.
Vista too…I just went back to firefox...d/l it not long ago.....I hadnt checked ''log me in each visit'' so maybe thats it, logged me out on its own again while watching the footy,. third time tonite....seems though like its only when using firefox browser
I am using XP & Firefox Ink and I havent had a problem with it. I leave it logged in all week and only do a shutdown to go to Sydney every Wednesday.

I use a master password which could be the difference ? - It saves and autofills all my usernames and passwords and all I have to is put in the one master password when I open Mozilla.
Never have a problem and logged in here for hours doing alternate things in the meantime

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