Clubs crack down on behaviour


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Jul 10, 2009
<big>**Clubs crack down on behaviour**</big>
NRL chief executives have agreed to crack down on players' poor off-field behaviour following a string of alcohol-fuelled incidents which have plagued the code this year.
Club bosses will now be held accountable for signing players with poor records and to continue fining and suspending players whose off-field indiscretions bring the game in disrepute.
Player behaviour was the main issue discussed at today's meeting with club CEO's and NRL chief David Gallop on the Gold Coast.
Under the new policy, any club that signs a player with a history of off-field behaviour will face substantial fines on top of the penalty initially imposed if the player re-offends at the new club.
The NRL will also monitor all future sanctions handed out by to ensure clubs are complying and the penalties are appropriate.
Gallop said despite the successes on the field, the game and its players continue to be tainted by off-field incidents and clubs need to take responsibility.
"This is a year in which the game has achieved incredible results on the field, in terms of crowds, television audiences and in terms of the good work undertaken by so many players but we also have to face up to serious challenges off the field,'' Gallop said.
"The clubs accept that they have to lead the way to show that we can meet those challenges.''

From the Daily Telegraph.