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A great story on Ch9 for WTs about Eagle Vale HS becoming a Sports High from 2025. The State Govt has set aside $4m for the purpose and the Premier, Prue Carr (Education MP) were present. Brett Kimmorely spoke about how important the school will be in keeping young talent in the area for WTs. He was impressive as was Tallyn De Silva who demonstrated far more maturity than many NRL players (the ones that come to mind are not WTs' players). His younger brother was present and spoke well about how he would like to be part of the programme. I know many on the forum like to circle the wagons when it comes to the media and WTs, but this is hugely positive for the club.
Yeah 10 news had the story too

Wests Tigers are hosting the following Talent ID Day Sessions early in the new year. In order to be eligible as one of up to 100 kids selected from your district, you will need to be:
Registered to one of the 3 Wests Tigers catchment areas for the 2024 season. Proof of registration will be supplied from your club.
Born in 2011.
Fit and able for physical activity.
Available for the date and time of your districts session.
Please complete the below application form attached to the link
It is important to note: Completing this form does not guarantee your child a spot in the session, Wests Tigers along with the guidance of all junior league clubs will be going through a process to select up to 100 players from each district for the session.
**Applications close December 17th 2023**


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