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Mar 19, 2016
South West
Really like the Matty Johns Podcast and was quite impressed with how much time he and Cooper Cronk dedicated to Api and the Wests Tigers in their 23rd May podcast, and your post prompted me to watch it again just a little while ago.

For anyone that hasn't seen it, the good stuff starts at about 7:50 into the show, give or take a few seconds and goes for around 7 minutes or there abouts.

They were both incredibly complimentary of the 2005 style of play and the similarities that they saw in the game against the Cowboys.

Very complimentary of Api and the complexities of the Sheens playing style, hope it is here to stay and that we see some of those blind side plays come into our game as the skill level of the team increases and things start to click on a regular basis.

I was always impressed with some of the game plans Sheens came up with in the past to suit the teams that we were playing, maybe, just maybe the old guy has still got it and the game hasn't passed him by as many seem to think.

Loved the bit about Scott Drinkwater being bamboozled by Api giving cues as to what he was about to do and then doing something totally different, Matty not only knows the game inside out but can really tell a great story as well and is always interesting to listen to.

I hope that young Jake Simpkin has been paying attention and has learned a thing or 2 off Api and Robbie so we can continue on the upward trajectory over the State of Origin period when Api is not available or can only play limited minutes.