Rd 13 spoilers

Parra are lucky they played against cowboys, a top 8 team would've beaten parra
Manly is getting ripped off here.

Very crap call for a sin bin, didn't even touch his neck and there was no force in it whatsoever. Then it goes as a no try to the bunker and Hetherington has clearly lost it forward. That's a knock on every single day.
Feel bad for manly I feel they were punished by the refs, they really wanted knights to win. But I hate manly so I don’t feel too bad. Shuster (however it’s spelt) is terrible!! In my opinion he’s the worst half in the comp by a country mile. How he is touted as a future star is well beyond me
Manly have been so poor today. This game has been horrible to watch. Newcastle weren’t much better. Took them all game to win a game they should have smashed.
Schuster was terrible today. He lacked any enthusiasm, made so many poor errors, kicked badly and didn’t even try to run. I hope he’s not coming to the Tigers -based on that game, maybe he doesn’t want to play for the eagles.
Every Manly supporter i know wants Schuster out of their club(living on Sydney's northern beaches i know a lot).I sincerely hope that the rumours about us chasing him are wrong.We don't need another player who only puts in when he feels like it
The ref certainly favoured Newcastle but from Wests Tigers point of view it was good the knights won. It compresses the ladder from 8th spot down. We will actually jump to 15th with the cowboys moving to 16th. Unfortunately thats only because of the crazy setup with the byes
All this Shuster talk makes me nervous he's so slow
Weve finally got a great team 1-17 so let's not stuff it up
Only problem is our Ressies results seem to indicate little depth

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