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Nov 1, 2009
Have there been any updates on Scott Prince's hamstring injury?

He'd be a risk on a cold Friday night in Sydney.

Prince `injury factor'
Luke Turgeon | June 21st, 2010
The Gold Coast Titans believe inadequate warm-up facilities on Friday night contributed to the hamstring injury to skipper Scott Prince

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THE Gold Coast Titans will meet with the NRL over the pre-game protocol for future double-headers, believing a disrupted warm-up on Friday night contributed to the injury to skipper Scott Prince.

The Coast's one point win over the Bulldogs came at a heavy cost, with Prince and utility Luke O'Dwyer suffering hamstring tears.

Titans general manager of football Scott Clark yesterday said the club was disappointed with the way players were forced to prepare for the Suncorp Stadium blockbuster.

The Gold Coast didn't make it on the field until nearly 9pm after the Broncos' loss against the Panthers in the first game of the night.

"There was no on-field warm-up so it wasn't an ideal preparation," said Clark.

"We had to warm-up in the Penrith shed. They also couldn't give us a start time.

"The boys had warmed-up and then they had to have a long spell because all they could tell us was that we would get the two-minute bell, six minutes after full-time of the other game.

"But there was no way of really knowing what time the other game was going to finish because of time off for injuries and the like."

The Titans believe the irregular warm-up is partly to blame for halfback Prince tearing his hamstring during a routine kick down field and limping off mid-way though the first half.

Clark said he would seek a meeting with NRL chief operating officer Graham Annesley to discuss the club's concerns.
"We couldn't even watch the (Broncos v Penrith) game," said Clark.

"There wasn't any seats and all they said was there was a television in the Penrith shed that we could go watch."

Prince and O'Dwyer will both go for scans today, but in a boost for the Titans, the damage is not as severe as initially feared.

While early estimates had Prince sidelined anywhere from four to eight weeks, the crafty No.7 could miss as little as one match.

"It is not as bad as we first thought," said Clark.

"He may be a chance of only missing one game, with the bye next weekend.

"He could even be back for the Tigers game at this stage.

"Chalky (O'Dwyer) is the same, he will only miss the one game I would say."

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