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Nov 25, 2020
got a bit of oil we're signing a few "fan favourites". possible re-brand to bring the fans back by the sheenius and benji? anyway expect it to be announced early november. don't think the forum will be happy with these "fan favourites".


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Nov 23, 2021
RTS - now there's a classy footballer any reason why he's popped up on this thread ?

Hasn't been selected for the AB's
For whole of Rugby Championship.
They have midfield injuries galore
And he's still not getting look in -
Only just selected on the bench V
Wallabies, they're shuffling chairs.
All blacks have a lot of midfielders
Who are due back, might not get a
Look in for the World cup nxt year.
Defiantly would be Fielding some
Enquiries. Same thing could be
Said for Vunivalu as well for the
Wallabies although he's on a very
Lucrative deal with RA unlike RTS.
Wallabies are playing the waiting
Game with him, RTS is just fodder
At the All Blacks for the moment -
Benjamin Quinten needs to get on
the phone. He would be huge 4 us


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Sep 9, 2020
Awhile back I made a post that we should sign Nixon Putt. Now he just won the second row of the year in QCUP. Stop looking at oldies like Sorenson and Woods and sign this guy up. 80 minutes player and gives it his all and will be a great addition to our forward pack. He'll only go higher if given a chance at the NRL (and might becomea fan favorite). Also, he's playing this Sunday for the PM'S 13 clash.


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Sep 14, 2021
Always liked Curtis Sironen. Would be very happy to see him return.

Mansour would be a signing for his off-field skills I think. There is going to be A LOT of youth getting on the field. You need guys with the right training habits etc in the clubhouse.

If they can add a prop, a bench forward, maybe a lock....maybe a centre...that would be about it. The worst thing that Sheens/Marshall can do is overload the roster & make it too hard for guys like Tumeth, Pole, Matamua, Talau, Kepaeoa etc to see the field. If you are going to invest in the youth & promote them- don't put too many experienced guys in front of them to hold them back.
I remember the sign In NZ when the Panthers played the Warriors I think I will never forget it

My Johnson makes your Mansour..

So funny Shawn Johnson was laughing his head off when he saw it