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Jul 12, 2009
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Crowe's message to Souths and NRL crystal clear

August 29, 2009

With his club set to miss the finals again, Russell Crowe spoke to Will Swanton.

Russell Crowe sits down. All rise. A great and passionate Australian is in the house. He orders coffee, an espresso. The quickest type of caffeine hit. If only South Sydney's 21st premiership could kick in so fast.

''G'day guys, how are ya?'' he asks.

Everyone nods, muffled laughter, a lone voice says, ''Good, thanks.''

The Great and Passionate Russell Crowe fills the room. He speaks of Souths and rugby league. His message to NRL players: like it or not, you are role models. To Souths supporters: hold tight, oh ye faithful, good times are a coming - as is Great Britain forward Sam Burgess if everything goes according to the master plan. To coach Jason Taylor: you have my unequivocal support. To his Rabbitohs players: men, I love you like I once loved Dean Widders, but missing the finals is not good enough.

The Great And Passionate Russell Crowe became a co-owner of Souths three years ago. If we remember correctly, and we occasionally do, he wanted a premiership this season. He denies making that three-year ultimatum - his most famous alleged quote apart from ''On my command, unleash Roy Bell'' - but he clearly has little interest in continued mediocrity. There's not enough space on this page to run everything he said, more's the pity, so let's roll the tape and amplify the highlights before Souths tackle the Dragons at ANZ Stadium tonight.

The Great and Passionate Russell Crowe on the NRL's off-field scandals:

''The NRL is learning just how strong they have to be and just how tight they have to keep things. That benefits everybody, particularly with sports where a front page of the wrong tone can affect how people feel about what they're going to do that weekend, or how they might spend their money. The more we focus on teaching players the way forward, and how they are to be in public and emphasising the fact they are role models whether they like it or not. We need to build the relationship between the players and the community. Every time something comes up like that, it affects all of us, it affects all clubs. The more effort and energy we can expend on getting that sort of stuff out of our game …''

On wanting a premiership this year:

''I never said that. You guys can twist that any way you want. I want to win every year. There's not a single game, not a minute of a situation with South Sydney that goes past where my principal instinct is anything other than winning. Missing the finals is not good enough, it's just not good enough and it's not what we're geared to do. But there's another guy around that I know is as absolutely focused on winning as I am. His name is Jason Taylor. We have a lot of things to do and we will continue to do that, step by step. We're getting there. This season is the first time Souths have scored more than 500 points in a season. There's been a lot of progress. People who can read the game and see the game, they can see we will get there, step by step. Gigantic process - I can't remember in my lifetime when we beat Eastern Suburbs twice in a season. What we want to achieve is to be a regular competitive powerhouse in the NRL.''

On wining and dining Burgess to lure him from Bradford:

''Sam doesn't drink, definitely eats. We had a chat but there was a group of other players there as well, including Dean Widders. I got to meet Sam's mum. He's very keen to join South Sydney. He has one green eye and one red eye already. For example, he's a big fan of [Souths recruit] Dave Taylor. He's also a big fan of Chris Sandow and Issac Luke. He wants to be able to learn from blokes that he rates. It's not a done deal by any means but sometimes it just requires a shoe salesman like me to come along and help them through the door.''

With that, he gets up from his seat and walks out a door of his own. The room feels empty again.