Whats the point


New member
Feb 4, 2010
of naming players in the halves with no intention of utilising them there.

hes done it with lazarus and he did it tonight with ayshford…it totally disrupts the make up of the team and as we saw leads to players running into each other and not knowing what the other is doing.

the dragons are a boring robotic side but give me that over the one in ten times one of our plays work out, even though benji and faf are top players im starting to wonder if they are worth the money if they cant produce in the big games... guys like luke walsh and kingston are on probably a third of the money but they get results on the field...

id love to see us put on a clinical performance like the dragons did tonight..in the end we just shot our selves in the foot while the dragons just kept rolling through waiting for us to make mistake after mistake