2/06/2010 3:32:24 PM

The courage of Zoe Drakos was not lost on Wests Tigers winger Beau Ryan when he made a special visit to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on Tuesday, June 1.

Following training, Beau accompanied Wests Tigers Community Officer Nick Hurley to the hospital to meet Zoe and present her with a signed Wests Tigers training shirt.

Anna Drakos informed Wests Tigers of her 23-year-old daughter’s battle with liver disease.

“Zoe was born with a liver disease which resulted into two liver transplants when she was four-years-old,’’ Anna said.

“We expected she would live happily ever after…however this wasn't so, very unexpectedly she went into rejection for no apparent reason.

“Waiting for a liver transplant is probably one of the hardest things to do as the liver is the most complicated organ to transplant. It does over 500 jobs in our body and there is no dialysis for it.

“There isn’t a day we don’t tell her how proud we are of her courageous and very brave effort.

“Zoe is a very much loved girl by all her family and staff at the hospital for the mere fact that she never complains despite spending more than 100 days in hospital.”

Anna said he daughter recently had a potential donor and it was the “most excited we had seen her all year.”

“Unfortunately, the liver wasn’t useable and she missed out. The only other time we have seen her this excited was when we told her Beau Ryan was coming to visit,’’ Anna said.

“Zoe has been a big Wests Tigers supporter all her life as is her Dad, so our first born was to be a Tigers supporter no matter what!

“We have attended numerous Wests Tigers games no matter what the weather conditions were.

“Each day is a struggle for Zoe. She tries so hard to sit up and watch any televised Tigers games.

“She has even inspired so many staff members whom haven't even been into football to now become Wests Tigers supporters”

Ryan said it was his privilege to be able to visit Zoe and spend some quality time with her.

“Zoe is incredibly brave. She is a real inspiration to me and I won’t forget her,’’ Ryan said.

“I really wish her all the very best. She should not just be an inspiration to me but to all Wests Tigers supporters.”