Membership Debacle

I have been reading with interest the difficulties members have had in receiving their cards on time and the general disorganisation of the Wests Tigers Membership office.

My wife and I have been members since 2007 (and we signed our 2 year old son up last year). We renew every year as soon as renewals open as we love getting to the ground and want to keep our seats. At Leichhardt we are second row in the Latchem Robinson stand, above the player’s race. At SFS we are on about the 40m line.

For season 2012 we renewed via the website as a “renewing member” sometime in November 2011.

2 weeks prior to the Cronulla game (round one) we received a letter each reminding us to "Renew your membership as the season is just weeks away!” Odd?
The following week our membership cards arrived. So it was off to Leichhardt on a warm and sunny day to watch the boys.

As we entered the great ground I must admit it was the first occasion I had looked at the membership cards. We had been moved. From the aforementioned position in the Latchem Robinson Stand to Bay 11, Row A. The very front row on the 10 metre line, no shade, no shelter, not even a view of the opposite touchline. What was going on?
We decided to head home and watch the game on TV as we wouldn’t be seeing much from the seats we were given.

At home I realised that the membership number on the letter the cards were attached to was different to the membership number on the cards. Curious. We had also been moved at SFS.

My wife called the club on the Monday to ask for an explanation. No joy, “someone will call you back”. A week later she got through to someone in the office (because nobody called back) and was told “Oh yeah, there has been a problem with the ticketing. I don’t think you will get your seats back”.
After 4 weeks and no call back from Ashleigh, who is apparently the ticketing manager, we have been told that there was an issue with online renewals where the system made a new profile for an existing member and therefore allocated them a new seat. So some other new member hit the jackpot and got the seats we had for 5 years running and paid money for. We asked to be moved to a better seat. “No, you won’t be moved”. They have not once apologised for the stuff up or made any attempt to offer a resolution that would be suitable. We are basically being told “this is how it is, deal with it”
Losing the great seats we had is disappointing. But what really hurts is the utter disdain which we as members in our 6th consecutive year have been treated. No apology, no call backs, just deal with it. We will be seeking a refund in full as what we have been given is not what we paid for. If we don’t receive this, the Office of Fair Trading will be involved. It’s a disgrace that a club would treat loyal members in such a way, not to mention stupid given how competitive the sporting market is.

I feel betrayed by the club I love. In the last few years I have felt aggrieved by the club’s handling of certain matters but stuck solid. This is feeling like a knockout blow.
Treat your members and fans with the dignity and respect they deserve. We pay good money, of our own, and all we ask for is some common courtesy. I’m not asking for much. And you can keep your cooler bag…

Yea I’ve renewed every time by ringing them cause I don’t trust that online stuff and so I can talk to some one and make dire I keep my seats I feel sorry for u

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I know this isn’t as serious as your issue Glen, and I shocked to hear if the way you’ve been dealt with by the membership team, but my dad, girlfriend and myself went to the Leichardt game (first time ticketed members this year) and had no dramas getting in, scanned the barcode on the cards and were in.

However, on Monday night at Campbelltown, none of our cards worked, it was as if we wernt scanning anything at all at the barcode reader. The lady standing at the scanner had to use let us in by scanning her ticket (possibly has this ticket for this exact reason).

I was just wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems?

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That’s an absolute disgrace Glen,
After five years I would not accept anything less than what I had either. The way it has worked out your better off watching from home, at least you can turn the Telly off.
You have been betrayed by the club you love and I know it’s hard to do, because they’re in your blood but if that happen to me I would find it very difficult to keep showing up and supporting them.

syas it all about this club wishy washy onfiels on off

You should contact Humpty directly.

I understand that system issues occur.
I understand that mistakes occur. We all make mistakes.
What hurts is the treatment after.

They clearly knew there was a problem.
They clearly knew people would be affected.
They have tried to deflect it as “not our fault”
They have done nothing to offer a resolution.

We asked to get our old seats back. No.
We asked for seats in the Keith Barnes stand. No.
We asked for anything else they could offer. No.

I’m gutted. Honestly, the allocated seats are awful. If I turned up to the ground to buy a ticket and they offered me this seat I would knock it back.

One can’t help but feel we are treated as a nuissance to the club by being members and supporters.

And to top things off; the game against Cronulla was a “Thank You” to members game. I don’t want my name on a banner, I just want to be treated with some decency.

The club is doomed if this is how the back office runs.

Humpty is a very approachable bloke, hit him off a email or ring him and I bet you will either get a refund or some better seats. He is the one bloke I have some faith in,cant say that for the rest of the football club

The concept of service in Australia is almost non existent. Your experiences don’t surprise me in the least. The Americans have a saying ‘Customer is King’ and if you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Souths are probs the only NRL club that get it. They employed Swans membership staff at the outset, smart move

I had issues too, the guys in the membership department didn’t return calls but they did fix the problems eventually.

Seems like there were quite a few glitches in the system this year, hopefully it can be fixed for next year.

Mate that’s a bit rich…I had a query about our package and when our goodies would arrive and was also told we will ring you back !well you now what 's next no phone call and trust me I’m not the type to stuff around with I can dummy spit the whole lenght of Liechardt oval to that end I rang back after a couple of weeks and the young lady was quite nice and explained things to me how easy was that….Being in buisness I will not tolorate stuffing my customers around as I have learnt the best buisness you can do is for the costs of a phone call even if it,s not good news.Very un profesional IMO,your situation with that type of stuff up is pretty bad as mentioned above maybe an external sourcing out might be the go after all if you get 10 to12K memberships the Tigers only have limited staff.

While a very minor complaint compared to botched seating, I’m still waiting on a couple of items supposed to have been in my membership. I haven’t seen the cooler bag yet, and my son didn’t get a certificate with his Benji’s bubs membership. Are others still waiting?

Glen the way you have been treated by the club I also love is a DISGRACE!!! I agree with Staks you need to contact Humphries directly.

I don’t know the bloke personally but when he is made aware of the inaction by his staff and the manner in which a loyal member has been treated surely he will have no option other than apologising directly to you and to fully reimburse you. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on so please keep us all updated, good luck!!!

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:wtf Hey Glen…Jen and myself were wondering where you were! This is so unacceptable. We hope you can work something out…cheers, Glenn

It seems they stoop to any lengths when it comes to memberships.

The BS they carried on with in rd 1 and their $65 GA tix, promoting them as ''the only guarantee to a spot at LO for Rd 1" really left a sour taste in my mouth….that on top of the Moltzen debacle, all things I’d not like to be associated with.

Sorry to hear your ordeal Glen

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