Who Should we Re-Sign

Most NRL players would be well into negotiations for next year by now.

Tigers Off Contract 2012: Jack Spencer, Matt Bell, Dane Chisholm, John Grant, Tom Humble, Matt Groat, Jacob Miller, Tim Moltzen, Junior Moors, Beau Ryan, Lote Tuqiri, Matt Utai source: http://www.zerotackle.com.au

Humble and Ryan only for me at this stage maybe Groat.

Ryan first and foremost.
Moltzen for the number 14 spot.
Humble I guess at this stage for the 7.
Groat maybe.

Personally, I’d like to see Moors, but he’s not just getting a fair go, don’t know why, the same for Miller.

Out of that list on current form only Moors, Ryan, and maybe Humble and Bell

I thought we signed Groat long term…thats why we let Gibbs go!

Definately beau Ryan, he’s been our best this year.
Tuqiri if possible, I feel he might retire this year
Maybe groat, he is only young so who knows what he could turn into
Can’t say on chisolm, Spencer, & grant
Bell, yes
Humble, Miller & moltzen 50/50 maybe resign 2
Moors, yes
Utai, not sure

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Ryan, Moltzen, Ryan, Miller, Ryan and probably Moors. Did I mention Ryan?

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Yes to Ryan, Moltzen( we need to leave the guy in one position)Moors and Chisolm. Tuquiri to retire Miller( 50/50) hasn’t proven himself but still young.Utai to retire, Bell one more year …Bye bye to Spencer Humble and Groat and I would love to see Grant given a run or two would be really good or really bad? But it depends who is in Sheens circle of love has nothing to do with form.

Groat will definitely be re-signed. He might be struggling a bit at the moment, but he’s only 20 and has a heap of improvement left in him. We didn’t see Gibbs start to play his best football once he hit 25.

I’d re-sign Ryan and pay close attention to Chisholm and Miller, but I only see Chisholm as a depth signing.

groat, bell and humble, id let the rest go and spend on established players that strengthen our 17 not our squad

I hope John grant gets a game soon so we can see how good he is. Before the season is over

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Beau Ryan first one we have to re sign.


Matt Groat - Biggest priority. Ok the guy is raw as fish, but hes 20 and the potential is obvious. He will be a hard running prop one day.

Matt Bell - Yes (given he costs nothing).

John Grant - Hopefully (if he progresses).

Jack Spencer - No.

Dane Chisholm - No.

Jacob Miller - No. Would only sign him if hes cheap.

Junior Moors - Why Bother? Hes a great player but he seems to have the same thing I believe Ryan O’Hara had. No matter how good of a game he has, hes in First Division the next week.

Ryan - Yes if cheap. Wouldnt blink if we lost him though.

Utai - No.

Tuquiri - No. Only if hes willing to come for 1/3rd of the price hes on now.

Moltzen - Depends on price. If we sign him for the price of an ‘average’ NRL player then I would as I think hes underated and actually improved alot as a fullback end of last season, to early this year. IF we have to pay him decent dollars then I wouldnt as we have adequate replacements in most positions and wouldnt pay him big money to be a 14.

Groat - definitely.
Ryan - definitely.
Bell - definitely.
Moltzen - depends on money. I think he has to get a starting role however or we let him go.
Tuqiri - depends on money but I think we should think about letting him go.

Matt Groat - yes The future

Matt Bell - yes as he would be cheap and we need some experience

John Grant - yes work in progress. Big unit and has speed

Jack Spencer - No.

Dane Chisholm - No.

Jacob Miller - Maybe. Has the talent to play NRL.

Junior Moors - Yes but no if Sheens won’t use him in NRL. Wasting money in State Cup

Ryan - Yes - love his form and spirit

Utai - No. too old

Tuquiri - No. Too old and injury prone

Moltzen - No An average player at best. Was happy when he signed with St George

Would like us to ask Heighington to leave. Getting old and really adds little value to our side.

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