IS Robbie Farah Going To Be Picked For Nsw ??

Lol Robbie Farah should be hooker this year he puts it all over ennis. And ennis just did 3 meters agianst souths with 2 runs lol useless player farah just has to be hooker or mabe dany.

Would like to see Farah get a shot again but I’d tip DB.

sorry mate, on current form, Buderus should be NSW hooker.

Ennis<farah<buderus atm<br="">

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Buderus will trump them both in my opinion
1 Buderus
2 Farah
3 De Gois
4 Ennis

Yeah, Buderus for mine.

They won’t pick Farah because regardless of his abundant skill, they don’t want a hooker with flare!

Hinchcliffe is more likely to gety a jersey than Robbie.

Its sad but true

It won’t be either, I reckon they’ll go for Buderus as well

Buderus for sure, it was always gonna happen.

John Morris is likely to get in ahead of Farah or Ennis at the moment…

Farah has been black-listed for life

Whoops, I meant Ennis WON’T be NSW hooker. I meant to say that Robbie has more chance than Ennis, but Buderus will get the gig.

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Again another year where I couldn’t care less. IMO should dump origin or move it away from the season. I’m sick and tired of the season being over taken by talk of origin as soon as the first ball is kicked.

The future of the game cannot have room for it, If they want a true National game. It shouldn’t as it currently is be treated as bigger than the NRL. I know I’m in the minority but that’s my opinion. It interrupts my enjoyment of the season I pay membership for.

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Yeah IMO Farah in no way deserves to be picked. I’d like to see him there, but I’m just saying it how it is. He’s probably gone out to like 3rd or 4th choice now for NSW hooker imo.

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