Sam Moa Returning to Australia

He’s in his mid 20’s now and has somewhat of a cult status in the UK after performing strongly in recent times. A former WT junior, a prop who’s proven himself (though admitedly not in the NRL) and wouldn’t command top dollar.

Might be an option worth considering….

Although i can’t recall exactly why he left the club in the first place. Did he fall out with Sheens, was he not required or did he simply move to Cronulla in search of gametime?

Watched Hull FC V Leeds early this morning and he went OK but gave away some cheap penalties, anyone with pay TV can now see the ESL games on Eurosports C511, they replay games on a regular basis all week.
He seems rather compact for a Prop IMO and it would be interesting to see if he can bend the line in the NRL.

COMPACT ! no thanks…we just bought a compact second rower from Melb…and look what he does…


Pretty much a similar tackle that Ben T 'Eo put on Matt Groat except that poor little Julien Rinaldi is a hooker!.

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