POLL: Who does Stuart pick to avoid picking Farah?

So with injuries to Buderus, and Ennis Farah is surely the frontrunner for Origin Selection….

or is he?? :crazy

Who will Stuart justify is “made for origin” over Farah, no matter how ridiculous a choice it is, and Why? :mrgreen:

Ive gone with De Gois - and Stuart will make up some rambling incoherent BS about a combination with Todd Carney, and Paul Gallen.


De Vere

I was giggling at Hayne, chuckling at Tahu, and totally lost my sh… at De Vere. Great call. :roll

Michael Ennis or Peter Wallace. Sticky is that dumb

I think he may push for Hinchcliffe although I hope Robbie has a solid game against the Titans this week just to make a clear point.

Its a sure thing that Buderus will be picked, and Hinchcliffe will be picked as a spare back rower/utility and cover for Buderus.

De Gois.

has a partnership with Carney and Gallen.

I picked De Gois because if you don’t pick Farah, he is the next obvious option. In good form, and couldn’t hurt having him there linking with Carney at 5/8.

On form so far this yr, De Gois is ahead of everyone else by the length of the Flemington straight

I picked Ennis, on one leg, icepack and crutches, now he’s built for origin, isn’t he block?

If farah doesn’t get picked then I hope hinchcliff is. Other then farah he is the only other hookers form that warrants selection.

If farah doesn’t get picked it will be the 3rd consecutive season where the city country MOM doesn’t get picked in origin. But it’s a legit trial right?

Isn’t Buderus only out for 1 week?


Isn’t Buderus only out for 1 week?

Not if I see him crossing the road 😈 😆

John Morris, and then mid match he will finally follow Sheens’ advice and switch him to number 7…

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