Watching NRL in Shanghai

Will be in Shanghai for the next few weeks.
Had planned on getting updates on score from the forum but was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere or any way to watch it there.
Not sure yet what type of internet access I will have but will be able to get myself to pretty much anywhere in Shanghai.
Anybody have an idea?

I’ll PM you a website that you’ll be able to stream the game live online.Im O.S at the moment & a couple of people gave me the site to watch last week’s game live even though it was delayed on nine,the only problem’s were it didn’t work on the IPad & when I was watching it on the pc,it kept dropping out because the connection isn’t the best where I’m staying.

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i watched the nrl in Shanghai last year on 2 large tv screens in the Australian pub. Had a steak and beer with it to boot. it was on live on a Friday night on Fox sports.

In HK we have to subscribe to Setanta Sports - but NRL is second to Union on that channel, best to try and stream it if you want to watch it live. I use 2 sites, so PM if you want details.

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