Matt Prior (Spoilers)

How many weeks should Prior face for his dog shot on Thurston?

I’m going to say 12. Looked pretty deliberate to me.

12 minimum, preferably more

Rub him out for the rest of the year.

That was a blatant and deliberate attempt to disable one of the games premier players. Broken eye socket, cheek bone, jaw or even neck…all possible from an attack to the head with a forceful elbow like that.

Looked deliberate to me, he was pretty cranky and looking to smash someone imo. 10 weeks I reckon.

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By the time the drags argue some sort of mitigating circumstances and throw in a bit more dribble in the media and he’ll be lucky to get 4 weeks. Deserves plenty though for that shot to the head.

Typically ALL the officials missed it initially.
He’ll probably cop 4 weeks….

Didnt look good and his behaviour around the incident was fairly agressive. He is in big trouble, but I dont think he is the type of player to do this as a deliberate act… 8 weeks!

Was he on ice?

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If he gets less than 6 weeks with a guilty plea it’s a disgrace. That was a blatant attempt to cause injury.

No doubt some tosspot will get in the media and claim he’s made for origin now.

Deserves plenty of time off. It was deliberate. He only did it because his team was losing. I saw that he apologised but I don’t believe for a minute that it was genuine.

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Is this also the “get tough” on head shots move? (didn’t see the game)

for those of you who didn’t see it

I thought I read he said he was going for a shoulder charge, his shoulder was no where near JT, blatant elbow if ever there was one.

I can see the shoulder charge being rubbed out like it is in Union, too many gone ‘wrong’ already this year.

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