Not taking the penalty goal

Midway through the 2nd half we get a penalty about 30m out. We opt against taking the 2 which would have squared the game up. Arrogant decision - if we were playing one of the top teams you can guarantee Benji would have taken the shot. We disrespected the Titans and almost paid the ultimate price….

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Meh 50 50 decision. Iirc they looked out on their feet. If we scored and converted it would have been a masterstroke.

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They were confident and so was I .

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Just an example of typical Tigers football…. Always going for the low percentage dumb play. Would the Storm, Broncos, Dragons etc… Made that decision? No way IMO.

Lucky Farah got that chargedown in the dying moments otherwise I dare say some people’s opinions on not taking the 2 points would be a lot different 'cause we would have had another loss.

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I probably would have taken the 2 but I agree it was 50/50. Not something to go on about.

Everyone within 30m of where I was sitting went off, including me because the safe 2 was the way to go, especially with our inability to break the line AND complete it.

For the next 20 we heaped pressure on ourselves because we were trying to make up points….still.

It’s not the first time the 2 points have been declined, luckily in this instance it didn’t cost us.

Kinda didn’t make much sense for me to not go for the goal to be honest, given how the side, is not only traveling, but the fact it is quite clear they are playing fairly conservative.

However, it would have changed the game entirely if things were level at that stage as both sides would have been going for a field goal. Who knows, they may have gone for a field goal and be up 15-14 and it wouldn’t have gone into extra time.

Absolutely 100% should have taken the 2.

We got lucky.

our dumbest play of the year almost threw the remote at the tv

ABSOLUTELY should have taken the 2 points, we were going ordinary and they have forgotten how to win, we take the two if we get it we’re even and they panic, if we miss we get the ball back anyway. DUMB decision that could of (and probably should of cost us big time).

Stop over reacting everyone strooth! It wasn’t lucky it was great work from farah to pressure kicker and force error!
And JRD please, if the was out worst or dumbest play of the season we would be undefeated!

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We definitely should have taken the two.

i can see why they wanted to go for more.we had all the ball at that point and should have put them away.

but i would have gone for the 2.
i don’t think we have earned the right to go for more so far this year.

the titans were out on their feet, we had all the momentum, and i honestly thought we were going to score and run away with the game.

hindsight is a wonderful thing.

in saying that, i bet you next time we will take the 2.

(and the call to go for the try came from sheens)

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