Why we will beat the warriors.

I’m sick of reading the “can we beat the” threads so I thought I’d start this one early.

Leichardt, possibly Ellis back?

Coming off the bye fresh.

Revenge for last year.

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It’s all about the rectangle Tigers by plenty.

Benji to masterclass Johnson.

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can any one confirm how long heigho and ellis have before there back?

why we wil beat the warriors:
being realistic and not the ever hopefull person I usually am
because we have to, or the season will slip away.

Why we will beat the Warriors - Leichhardt!
Yeah!!! :righton:

Because we are better than they are.

@bp tiger:

can any one confirm how long heigho and ellis have before there back?

Ellis is still unknown. I think Heighno was last listed to return in round 12 from memory.

If we outplay them by as much as we did last September in the finals, we should win - ridiculous double movement tries notwithstanding. Revenge.

Payback. We need to watch last years final against them. If that doesn’t get them motivated, nothing will.

We should all watch the replay to gee up as the crowd.

Interesting nobody’s mentioned we have a tactical genius in Sheens.

We will win because we won’t underestimate them. People say we did horribly against the bottom 3 teams but fail to remember we lost by stuff all to quality teams in Manly/Broncos, should have beaten Souths and beat the Sharks (lucky or not to get the final result) and I don’t think you could argue we were firing as planned in those loses.

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