The most impressive aspect of our U20s is

Toddy Payten. I know it’s early days, but everything I read, see and hear about what he is doing sounds spot on. Sure, the results are coming but reading his blogs shows what a thinking and considerate coach he is, with a calm and even temperament yet his comment about Robbie Farah’s game against the Titans shows he is also passionate and not afraid to speak his mind.

He will face plenty of challenges this year (let alone during his coaching career) but at this stage he is doing well. All the best Todd, keep at it!

Agreed. He’s got such a young side and is able to get the best out of them week in week out.

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He’s certainly has a great coaches head on his shoulders! I love how he reflects on his experiences as a player and incorporates them into his coaching structure! So many professional players across many sports these days try to make the transition into coaching, but the reality is that no matter how great a player they were, not many players can make that player to coach transition successfully at an elite level! It’s a completely different ball game so to speak!

I think Toddy shows amazing potential to be one of the next generation elite coaches! His application of experience, knowledge, understanding and passion are very well balanced. In reading his blogs it’s obvious he’s honest with himself and believes in every decision he meticulously makes! I think he has a great vision on the game and knows what he wants to happen on the field or the training track and who will execute that vision efficiently and effectively knowing who they’re playing that week coming!

A coach can never stop learning as sport evolves constantly and coaches need to adapt, so embracing the opportunity to sit on the first grade bench and learn the in’s and out’s of one of the games masterminds, shows a great desire to learn and be the best he can be for himself and his team. By looking at his teams performances he surely has mixed the right formula. It is also obvious he’s connecting with everyone as a team and as individuals; and to successfully connect on both levels is such an important attribute for a coach to have as it allows him bring the best out of his players.

That said we all know coaches are never perfect but Toddy has certainly hit the ground running to launching a successful coaching career and I wish him all the best not just for this season but beyond, and I certainly hope the Tigers don’t let him go because Toddy is a great coach of the future in the making!!!

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