Michael Jennings

Looks like Penrith do not want him imagine what a boost to our wings

A very, very selfish player and a big part of the problem that exisits with the Penrith culture.

When his contract was coming up Penrith was losing juniors to other clubs and he got every cent he possibly could to the detriment of the club long term. For him it was a very good deal especially considering he will pull out over the slightest niggle most of the time and is not a leader. For his career though it may have been a very bad move.

The rumours around the traps at the time also indicate the ultimatum was issued that if they did not re-sign him at his terms he would ensure neither of his brothers stayed on at the club

does he have brothers at the club? and tbh i would preffer Michael Gordan but will not happen as he will go Sharks

There’s noway he would come to play wing, he is a centre and a damn good one. I think it would be quite difficult to control the kid attitude wise but if this could be achieved then I would take him in a heartbeat!


does he have brothers at the club? and tbh i would preffer Michael Gordan but will not happen as he will go Sharks

Yes. One of them is a far better talent than he was at the same age

We have two perfectly capable centres who will get their best form back soon. No need to spend money on him at all

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We need some speed out wide. He has it.

Tremendous talent or not, his attitude stinks. Lawrence in good form is better than Jennings at the top of his game.

Most of our players bleed our colours, he would be here for a payday.

If I were Gus, I’d let him get on the sauce at Pamfers and punch on with the security so they have a reason to terminate him.

agreed , not worth talking about , would be of no use we have the players

Just remember, he is on $600k + 3rd party deals.

No way I’d take him for that much, but its not like we have that much kicking around to even consider him.

He won’t come for us for the money we’d offer him.

Yes ive heard hes on $600+ big ones & not worth that sort of money.

Seeing that Lawrence is on about 380 k Jennings is on way overs

Centre seems to be a position where we are strong (lawrence, aysh, reddy) so I’d say no.

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he is extremely talented, but has a rubbish attitude, his price tag would rule him out for us, he is the type the eels would sign

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