What fish do you prefer to eat

My favourite 3 would be

Spanish Mackerel Love the firm white flesh and it just melts in the mouth when cooked correctly

Red Throat Emperor Beautiful on the eye and to eat Probably my favourite fish has a almost sweet taste

And a fish most of us can catch off a local beach

Whiting I know they are fiddly with the bones , but again a beautiful tasting fish

Usually cook whole on the bbq or stove with a dash of lemon Bewdiful

Anything anyone else would add ??

Love Flathead great taste, love Barra BBQued as it get the party rolling. Leather Jacket but gets a bit hot in summer.

Blue Eye Cod on the BBQ with Chilli & Lime. Really heavy flavour and marrys well with other strong flavours

Rainbow trout, I really enjoy fly fishing and they are a wonderful reward.

Fresh tuna sashimi style.

Red Emperor is always a must when I am up north and bang on about the Spanish Mackeral. A little garlic, sea salt and butter and it is amazing

Sword Fish steamed on the BBQ or grill.Simple shillots chilli a and soy sauce on top

lobster mornay
seared sashimi
mud crabs

Forgot to add Mangrove Jack

Pretty fish ,hard to catch and real tasty

Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Blackfish…They would be my favorite types of fish to eat.

Prefer my red fish; Salmon and Trout.

But my favourite would have to be any fish sashimi style. Lots of ginger and lots of wasabi … mmmmmmm

Freshly caught Barramundi for me …. Wrapped in foil with all the dressings cooked on a BBQ

Blue Grenade and baramundi

give me sea mullet or tailor smoked has anyone on hear ever had mullet or tailor smoked

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