The season is approaching 3 months on and I cant help but notice how many of the games top stars who are on megabucks look so disinterested and are under performing…to name a few…

Benji Marshall……no denying has been very quiet this year…and at times has a very “couldn’t care less” look about him.
Michael Jennings…looks disinterested…playing in NSW Cup.

Chris Sandow…we all know about him…

Jarryd Hayne…Couldn’t care less attitude…

Adam Blair…a shadow of what we expected from him.

Darius Boyd…Knights fans a spewing and so is he…couldn’t give a toss attitude.

I’m sure there are more…but honestly I can’t recall so many NRL stars who are on big bucks under performing like this crop are in 2012… :crazy

Out of that list, only Benji Marshall should be classed as an Elite Player.

Boyd usually kicks into gear once he scores a few Tries for Queensland and then he becomes more dominant towards the back-end of the year.

Jennings is a speedster, and is way over rated.

Sandow needs a Forward Pack to dominate to allow his running game to become dangerous.

Hayne… Well I’ve never been to impressed with him as a regular performer. He will play another 2-3 great games before the season is finished.

Blair will improve as the season gets older, Ellis & Rhino returns, and the games get more important.

I dont care about the others but Blair is playing a completely different style of game to what they had him playing @ the Storm. As for Benji how many half backs has he had this year? I am convinced once we settle on a half he will be right & as long as Sheens doesnt play Benji @ half either.


Why are you yelling?

How can you hear me?

Can I give an opinion

Many of us older folks may remember when players use to come back from the Old Ashes series in the Old Dart and some players would really struggle after coming back Not all of them but some We were told it was burnout

They would be pretty quiet early on and hit their straps later in the season

Every year these days our top players play 4 Nations Post NRL which probably adds 6-7 weeks to their seasons which doesn’t give them much recovery time

They do this every season At least with the Ashes it was every 4 years (I know it went for 2 months)

Not making excuses , but it is something worth looking into

This season no 4 Nations and then the World Cup at the end of 2013 I wonder if we see a difference in 2013 ??

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