Dead set legends & D Ginnane

I can’t be the only person who dislikes the show and one particular host?

I rarely listen but triple m is often played while at work. The show seems to be 3 well off guys talk about how good things are for them. Particularly today, Suggesting a million dollars doesn’t go very far.

Last time I heard Ginnane speak was the day after the abc cricket commentator killed himself and he went on a rant about what a terrible person he was. (his name escapes me right now, and seeing as though I’m at work I’ll keep “break time” to a minimum.)

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A million doesn’t go far?
I’ll happily take that money from them to relieve them of that pressure.

I dont mind it … The Grill team kill it though

Yeh, apparently so, I’d stop over time if they wanted to give me a million.

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Triple M is a complete and utter joke. They used to be a Gen X minded station “Fighting the Power”. Now they’re a bunch of cry baby middle aged losers, whose priorities now are getting all they can out the system they used to rebel against, and passive agressive behaviour over not being able to get a normal hard on anymore.

All you have to do is look at the grill team. That moron Geyer, that porker whose name I still haven’t been compelled to learn and the biggest sell out of the lot, Matthew Johns. They personify the cry baby, money hungry grubs “who still know how to ROCK!!!” losers I’m talking about.

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