Anyone watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

I’m a Rangers fan, it’s nice to have a game on a Sunday!

Winning 1-0 in game 7 last third coming up.

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Havent been watching it but I will be at the Dallas Stars vs Minnesota Wild game in September. Kind of pumped to watch it.

Hi Slacko. I watch the NHL when it’s on. I was in New York March 2011 and went to MSG to see the Rangers & Montreal. I have been hooked ever since. Love the Rangers!

“Henrik Henrik Henrik”

Hopefully they will give it to the Devils this week. Tuesday morning our time.

After watching Hockey it makes you see how soft Rugby League has become.

I don’t get to watch much, but listen to it a bit and watch highlights from the phone app.

I was in New York over Christmas, had plans to go to a game, but had to leave early, but watched a few games on tv, and saw a heap of fans in the gear and made them my team! Blue shirts!

I hope we can get this done in less then 7 games this time.

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I watch it a little, I haven’t quite picked a face team but it’s a toss up between Dallas Stars and Washington Capitals, but I also don’t mind LA Kings. With the Capitals knocked out by your Rangers I will probably follow LA kings for the rest of the season

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Saw a game when I was in Anaheim once. Great experience. Game went to OT and as much as I wanted to see a shootout it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement!

Oilers fan. Been woefull for a few seasons now but are starting to rebuild with some young talent-hall, eberle and nugent - Hopkins. Got a soft spot for the sabres too. Love watching the
playoffs or any game when it’s on

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I don’t watch it as often as I used to. Red Wings fan here.

Got alot of respect for the wings. Brilliant history, always make the playoffs and seem to find no names and make them stars. Yzerman was my fave player actually. That was a great team during the 90’s-fedorov, shanahan, kozlov, lidstrom ect.

Lidstrom still going, 41 I believe! Unbelievable

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Growing up, my brother & I were massive NHL fans along with NBA & NFL.
Use to follow religiously, buy all the merch and PS1 games.
Kinda lost interest but still rep some team merch I get from work.
Red Wings >

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