Biting the hand that feeders us

Robbie Farah writes an article in the Mx paper they hand out to office workers in and around the City. Here is an article he wrote last Friday in respect of improving the lower grade system.

This may sound old fashioned but the best competitions to have below the NRL would be reserve grade and under 23’s.
Yes, just like the old days with Presidents Cup and high jersey numbers in reserves. Reserve grade probably won’t happen because of the cost of funding an entire extra team and the rule of some grounds you can’t play three games in a day. But I feel we could get more from our feeder competitions.

When fringe NRL guys play for feeder clubs, they’re in front of no one at local grounds and wearing a different jersey. It’s hard to get motivated. If they had the chance to play in stadiums before first grade, wearing the NRL clubs jersey, it would fire them up and improve the standard of footy.

The issue with Toyota Cup as an under 20’s comp is the lack of defense amid exciting attack. That could be fixed by lifting the age to 23 and also allowing several over age players per team as they do in soccer.

A big problem is most players are not ready for NRL when they are too old for Toyota Cup. They end up in no mans land. We could give them a few extra years to prove themselves. You get quality late bloomers …. Just look at South Sydney’s Andrew Everingham (25).

If we are only going to have one competition below NRL, I tend to agree with Robbie.

Makes a lot of sence but wont happen, I used to love picking players out in lower grades & watching them come through the grades

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