My Q's for Tim

I am no expert but i would like some opinions?

Simple things i don’t understand and it would be nice to here some of Sheens resonings for certain things, if i could ask tim these would be my questions.

Why don’t we play a traditional number 7 like most of the other nrl teams some one that can kick well on 5th tackle and help stear us around the park?

Why dont Bret, under20’s and the Magpies players get a look in when injuries occur instead of playing guys out of position and making mid year signings?

Why hasn’t Beau been given a shot at fullback? Why was Chris played at number 6 while he was in origin contention clearly putting more pressure on Benji? Why don’t players get dropped for bad form?

Why isn’t Benji running the ball? Why can’t Humble play at number 7 and given free reign like he was on the w/e?

Why can’t Moors get consitent game time? How do players in reserve grade feel about continuously getting overlooked and players getting bought from out side the club given ago for eg; why isn’t Politini getting a game.

Why do we have no speed in the backs. This is all does any one have any opinions on these questions? I think some of these things maybe contributing to our bad form i would just like to here reasoning for it.

Some spacing added to the OP.

Well for one thing BRET were playing like busteds until relatively recently and the Magpies get lapped every week. Besides Sheens has to believe the replacement is going to do a better job than what he’s got. I’d be against promoted any NYC players too early - the NRL is a tough comp and you need to be ready. Whether that is the case with all the NYC boys? Well perhaps not but personally I think Sheens has a reasonable record in promoting young talent. Remember also that just because you carve up in the NYC is no guarantee you’ll do the same in the NRL. Even Ben Barba had a couple of goes before he was comfortable in first grade. Albert Kelly just vanished…

As for Lawrence the team interests have to come first. Now I’m no way saying that playing him at 5/8 was a good thing but we don’t have the luxury of worrying about rep selections. Maybe he wanted Chris to get more involved? Perhaps he wanted to have Reddy, Ayshford and Lawrence on at the same time?

Why don’t we play a traditional number 7? Don’t really have one! Miller seems out of favour, Tom Humble I thought was doing a solid job and things seemed to be going nicely (we were 61-0 over a game and 3/4). Sheens tried something different up in Gold Coast which didn’t seem to work. My guess is Humble will be back in the starting team this week.

Beau’s doing a great job on the wing. He’s been tried at FB before and while he looked good for the first few games, from my memory he was fairly average after that. Moltzen was a standout last year at FB and I’ve been critical of his performances for most of this year but Sheens obviously thinks he will come good like last year.

Ayshford got dropped. To the bench at least. Same with Groat. Sheens just isn’t big on dropping players for whatever reason that is.

Why doesn’t Benji run the ball? Lack of confidence I’d say… I’m sure Sheens isn’t tell him to run less.

No speed in the backs? I’d say Lawrence is one of the quickest centres in the NRL. Marshall and Moltzen are hardly slow. Lote at full fitness has pace. But you can’t just throw a quick player in the backs if they can’t defend.

Agree with Moors to some extent. I think he deserves more game time and he’s been pretty solid this year. But we’ve got a number of good backrowers. Bell has been good at lock, Fulton is a must pick, BMM gets better all the time. Pat will hopefully get a run this weekend. He seems a good organiser and the least disruptive option at hooker. How do the reserve graders react? If they think they’re good enough they move… Some make it, a lot don’t.

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