Just lookin....

Hey Tiger Fans,
Just had a bit of a look… I’m pretty sure we could wind up 5th with a couple things going our way after the Weekend.
And if we get a miracle there is a “Possibility” (Although not Probable) of snatching 4th…
From there it’s a march to the Flag!!
Rock On,

Too much time on your hands.

Isn’t ‘the flag’ an AFL term?

i think flag relates to lawn bowls maybe


Isn’t ‘the flag’ an AFL term?

Just one of the many evil Mexican terms that have entered the vocabulary of NSW in recent years aided and abetted by the media bias that sees gAyFL news items come first in both the radio and TV media.
Once upon a time I used to buy a ‘carton’ of beer, now I’m told it’s a slab, when I got sick of some d…head we used to have a ‘punch up’, now it’s a punch on, I can even remember to back in the days when we finally got FootyTAB and the term to win was to get a ‘motza’, now guess where we inherited this from, a poonsy pony tailed creative advertising person from bleak city.
Gee whiz I’d rather win a Trophy or a Shield than a flag but with some of the MetroSexual Premiers the First state has had recently that’s the best that they can come up with for a bet, fly the dirty Maroons flag on the harbour bridge or some pathetic kick and giggle Victorian flag on the Coat Hanger, come on Fatty O’Barrel grow some big ones!.

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