Farah on bench

Has anyone seen the supposed starting NSW team on NRL. com with Buhrer starting at hooker and Farah on the bench

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Same as the NRL site, yesterday had Farah at hooker now showing him on the bench…


Same as the NRL site, yesterday had Farah at hooker now showing him on the bench…

Thats what happens when you punch the coach and his selectors in the mouth and call them a bunch of losers at the first team meeting

Did it with Ennis & Young last year but at least gave Ennis the dignity of being named to start

Seriously -what is wrong with Stuart? :crazy

Sure why not start with a guy who isn’t first choice hooker for his club team… The bloke is a serious nutjob. I’m sure the Bananabenders are crapping housebricks at the prospect of lining up against J Buhrer

And people can’t understand why we lose 6 series in a row.

lol… They simply have no idea.

I was talking to the Queensland Team last night and I was refreshingly suprised how level headed they are for this series. They see Cameron Smith as being no different to DL as a Captain and each player is focused to do there job.

The night ended with a fitting tribute to Ross Henrick; Peter Jackson and Big Artie, 3 players who have passed away that have player SOO for Queensland.

Stinks of Fulton… If he wasn’t involved in NSW, there’d be no way Mein Buhrer would have been selected to begin with, let alone start…

They didnt even confirm the starting line up they said it on facebook its today and they put the likely line up robbie farah is a starter and he will lol.

Bozo’s grubby mits are all over the team selection.

Buhrer will be captain by Tuesday…

surely some sort of typo happening here…

Remember the people we’re dealing with Winnipeg. I wouldn’t rule out anything. George Rose might still get a call-up… Just hope Manly get smashed this weekend.

I actually think this is a positive way of easing Robbie back into Origin.

With all the media attention on him over the last couple of week - he would have been a massive focus for the QLD game plan early in the piece (Target Farah, sledge him etc etc), as well as the comentators and media.

This way - with Farah out of the first 20 minutes exchanges, by the time he gets onto the field the game is on its way and his entry wont be as big a deal.

I think if Ricky actually didn’t care for Robbie’s future origin ambitions - he would have thrown him in from the start and IF Robbie failed to shine, would be vindicated for his criticsm of Robbie.

Take this as a positive.

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