Pick the score vs Warriors

Pick the score:


Manu Vatuvei 2 tries
Shaun Johnson 1 Try

Benji 1 Try
Ayshford 1 Try
Adam Blair 1 try

Winning field goal by benji 78th minute

Motm Benji

Hope I way off but with the teams named and the warriors finding form I’m going …

Tigers 22
Warriors 30

Lawrence passes that go to ground or over the sideline 12

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A tigers win im pretty sure we can get the job done i know they have a big foward pack but we can match them like we did with souths pack go u tigers just win.

Hope we win it would be great to get the two points and make the 8

Wests Tigers 24
Warriors 16

Chris is going to fire.

12-4 to warriors at half time

28-12 wests full time…

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I was so excited to see what Sheens would come up with side wise

I feel like Carl Weathers did in the Rocky 4 movie against the Russian now

We will lose ……

The first half and come storming back to win in another nail biter

We are gona need our best defensive effort of the year!

Tigers - 36
Warriors - 32

Tigers 28-12 I reckon Lawrence will have a great game score 2 tries

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I said earlier in the week it would be a coin toss depending on the warriors team that turn up. Either we’d win by 20, or they would.

Tosses coin

Wests Tigers 34 (Ayshford, Ryan, Moltzen, Woods, Lawrence, Marshall Tries, Marshall 5/6 goals)

New Zealand Warriors 14 (Vatuvei, Johnson, Tai Tries, Maloney 1/3 Goals)

FTS - Ayshford - Finding some form, sweeping backline move involving Marshall and Moltzen, finds Ayshford on a strong line from the 20m line, and he straightens up, and carries 3 warriors over the line with him. Marshall Converts. 6-0 Tigers after 9 minutes.

LTS - Ryan - Big Bad Beau from dummy half! Gets a sneaky one up on Vatuvei as the game draws to a close. 5th Tackle Play, Ayshford is brought down 1/2 a metre out, just inside the touchline and Beau with a BENNY ELIAS sized Dummy slithers under Vatuvei at Marker, and gets a hand out with the ball and grounds it! Vatuvei can’t believe the cheek and a push and shove occurs, with Beau grinning from ear to ear. After about a thousand looks at it, the video ref gives beau the try. Marshall misses this kick, and the scores stay 34-14. 76th minute

Half time - Tigers 18-10

MOM - Lawrence - from 5/8th. Hand in everything, and admits the shift to 5/8th is due to his injury from last year during the MOM interview.

Toigahs - 20
Bondi & Narrabeen Expatriates Club - 16

Crowd - 15,000

FTS - Hurrell
LTS - Ryan

MOM - Woods

Tigers 38
Warriors 22

Benji hat trick.

Tigers 18
Warriors 16

Halftime - 10 all
FTS - Ryan
LTS - Lote
Crowd 16700

26 to 18 tigers get the money

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