3 long bread rolls ( bread roll each )
3 tomatos diced up ( keep the juice )
3 slices ham ( big slices ) chopped up
1 desert spoon finely chopped up shallots ( go fresh )
1 teaspoon finely chopped parsley ( go fresh )
1 cup gratted cheese
salt and pepper
turn oven on to 175
slice breadrolls down the side long ways so you get 2 long pieces each
mix ham , tomatos , parsley , shallotts together , then evenly fill long rolls leave a little room for your cheese
then cover with cheese , sprinkle with salt and pepper ( butter or marjo on rolls prior to filling is optional )
place on a oven tray , stick them in oven for 12 minutes , keep an eye on them , some times with different ovens they may need more or less time to cook
can add sliced black olives into the mix if you like , but only a desert spoon full max