Great To Have Utai Back

Who said he can’t jump?

heh yeah he was good tonight, especially for his first game in a while

I’ve always been a massive fan. Love him.

H e deadset won us the game.
great effort

Welcome back. Played really well strong runs that’s what we have been missing for a couple of weeks.

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That catch was the difference i reckon.We were very shaky getting out of our own end and his runs helps is greatly.Good work son

Would like to see him and lote on the wings Ryan at fullback moltzen half

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Ryan one of the best wingers in the game atm and you want himself to fullback???

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He played his best game. I was a fan of him last year, he regressed big time this year but if he keeps that up, he is a valuable piece to this team.


Who said he can’t jump?

He can jump but I don’t expect him to represent us in high jump in the London Olympics Well done and congrats of the 150th game

Can you stop wearing the lairy boots though

Young fella wants a pair now 😆

He has been our most reliable catcher overall imo. One of his best games.

Was awesome tonight in his grit and desire to win. He is much smaller than the guys who were jumping for those balls and he competed and won us the game. Good stuff and congrats on 150.

oh come on. Great game by the nugget but he didn;t actually jump to take that catch.
He did lift his feet up to take it but the distance from his hips to the ground (which is not far to start with) didn;t change.

Great game. His dummy half running is an asset to the side.

Great move by Tim to bring him back.

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