Congratulations boys

we are still playing at 70% of our potential and without heighno and gareth no robbie and rowdy . We were up against it and that was full of guts and having a go cant fault 1 player Galloway and Blair did a great job . All the backs put there hand up , Benji havin a go as always .

Blair awesome tackle on inside ball near half way with 5 to go. It’s those efforts no one sees, well he doesn’t get credit for

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thas right Tiges we are using blair totally different to melbourne . He is a 80min smart 2nd rower they dont make the highlight reels but u no when u dont have them in your team . He doesnt choke and conserves his enrgy to be effective all game he doesnt get a rest like other forwards

Galea, I agree. I thought he was great tonight, and was like Fulton in defence. He seemed committed and desperate for the win, which was great to see. After the first half I didn’t expect them to win - good work boys. And Benjis goalkicking!

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