Interchange rotation

This has bugged me for a few weeks now and I’m sure Sheens has his reasons but what’s the go with using 1 interchange player in the first half!! Again last night the only change we did was Cashmere on for Galloway and then Galloway for Cashmere. We lack impact from a fresh player around that 20-25 minute mark. Bringing on BMM would really speed up our game towards the back end of the first half.

We aren’t using the bench for impact like other teams which I feel is a huge disadvantage.

If Lawrence didn’t get injured last night we may not have seen Utai injected as early and he really gave us the energy we needed to get us over the line.

Also having an interchange player we don’t use is also driving me crazy. We have enough players to cover injuries but yet continue to have a utility player on the bench as cover who some games get zero game time!!

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It’s called being a sheenius

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Sheens ’ use of the interchange has always been a sore point with me, however, in his favour last night was the unfortunate injury to Lawrence. Despite being a man down we were still able to wring the changes at will. Politonis’ 12 minutes was 4 x more than Brown and Meaney ever got…lol…

Hes always tried to use no more than 3 or 4 at most in the first half.
We hung in in the first half

Considering come home late to win the last couple of games its hard to argue against

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