Joey drops f bomb

Joey was just doing the passing comp thing and isn’t getting balls fast enough and says “Where’s the balls ,f&%^$#n hell”

Surprised it got through , it not live is it ??

TV gold! Especially the apology afterwards.
Got to assume it is live after that.
Won;t be next week.

Yep, Joey thought he was playing for NSW from the sound of it.


Ummm mmahhhh!!!

Yeah I know ,I’m sure he will be in the naughty corner when he gets home 😒

The point I was making that the show isn’t advertised as live Ink , so I thought they might edit it out

Mmmm yeh I was referring to the editor
No sweets for him tonite

Yeh its always been live as far as I know. I remember the old Roast was live because members sometimes had to run across from the footy show to the roast set, and also leave early to get to the 3pm match.

Its probably up there with Freddy telling everyone what the crowd was chanting one time, with the word starting with B.

wally lewis: “the crowd here is associating me with finance…chanting something along the lines of: ‘wally is a banker’” i lol’d

but nah jokes apart, the way the footy and the footy shows are run is simply mediocre. it’s great to have ex-players give their insight, but if u wanna be on tv all the time, get some training into em. anyone who works in media must be laughing at the way some of the nrl players talk on tv and also be ticked off that they go through such extensive training and hard work but some of these blokes just rock up in a suit without any clue as to how to behave on tv.

My 8 year old daughter is the biggest Joey Johns fans and she came running into me and said “Mum, Joey just said the F word but he didn’t mean to be naughty those stupid kids didn’t get the balls back quick enough.” so you see it wasn’t Joey’s fault at all.

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