Inglis try or no try?

Let the debate begin.
I say no try

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Try or penalty

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No try according to the guru Gus

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NO TRY every day of the week.
Rorted tonight.
Farah sensational, but why did Stuart replace him at such a critical time of the game and put a rookie backrower in his position, that was as bad as the Inglis try call

If it were club footy they wouldn’t have given it. I still don’t think it was a try myself.

Gus showed his one sky blue eye tonight! Try simply because the ball was played at! Gus is a goose always has been always will be! Oh by the way Wednesday nights around this time of year I have one eye too and it’s MAROON! Any way he’s still a goose!

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That was a crap ingles try Farrah had a great game

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I personally think the rule is wrong , but under the rules it was a try

In that situation it should be a ten metre scrum attacking side

The rule was brought in primarily to stamp out dangerous sliding and leading with the feet to stop tries which Billy Slater did on a regular basis. From my understanding it is up to the referee’s interpretation on whether the play was dangerous enough to award the no try. Robbie’s attempt was in no way dangerous, he wasn’t sliding and his foot hit the ball only and no part of Inglis’ hand. In saying that, it was a no try.


Rob tried to kick the ball. Simple as that.

Who cares. QLD won. Thanks Robbie. Lets wrap up another series in a couple of weeks fellas.

Did the refs get the call right? From what I saw Inglis spills his guts onto Farah’s foot (which appeared to play at the ball). But if it was an illegal play at the ball preventing a try, isn’t that usually a proffessional foul? And if it wasn’t illegal, Inglis knocked-on clear as day.

But I’m not an expert… hell, I’m no RAY WARREN. He’s read the rule book, GUS.

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