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I dread watching our games on Channel 9, so I was wondering if anyone could PM me a live stream for the game? If possible :sign:

Will try my best Johnson, the old iPhone can be a bit slow at times tho.

can someone pm a live stream link . many think u"s

Ditto here as well

Sent it to those who wanted it. You need to fight your way through adverts and wait about a minute / pop ups etc.

I am OS at the moment. We are getting the game LIVE here and get most games, so I’ll be watching it that way. (i.e. on TV, same as back home. Nice 50 inch tv and the tigers = makes life abroad much easier :mrgreen: )

However, the streaming site is great for when the games aren’t live. For some reason, when there’s a rugby union game on at the same time they show that live……lol!

Hi guys,

I am currently up the coast and don’t want to watch it on channel 9/listen to it on the radio…

Would someone be kind enough to send me a live stream as well ?

Many thanks and regards

Cnx can you send me? the live stream i’ve got is plastered with ads that won’t go away. Begging here.

Those ads should drop out after 30 seconds. If not, hit them……the link will open and then close it.

I know the game is over now, but that site has every game weekly. Keep it for reference.

BTW It was someone on this site who originally sent it to me. All credit to him. (I can’t recall who it was).

Just checked, it was clifferdSH who originally sent me the link.

So, all credit to Cliff :slight_smile:

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