I’ve been waiting to make this post all season……excellent game. Run at speed, spun in tackles. Looks like he’s fitting in. Defensively excellent.

Welcome to Tigertown to the ‘real’ Adam Blair :slight_smile:

He came from a highly structured Melbourne team to a team at the other end of the spectrum. He has taken a while to find his feet (longer than some fans are prepared to wait for him) but hopefully today was the day he turned the corner.

Yeah agree he played really well.

His best game and his play the balls so quick which got us a roll on top game in a great team effort

Once he found his feet,he was gonna be a star,good job Blairy,lets keep it up.

Played with passion. Welcome big guy

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Blair is playing heaps better, as is the whole team! Looks like the hard work is starting to pay off and they are starting to gel as a unit.

I have not been a fan but I thought he went well today.

He played well today, but is still not being utilised to his capacity.

He has brilliant ball skills and we contine to use him as a battering ram. He needs to run with support runners.

We haven’t seen anything yet wait to the team is settled and he can become a ball player that he is …a great game today now thats 2 weeks running.

Best game for the club today. Hopefully a turning point

Patience is not the Forums strong point … Success is expected from game 1 and continue unaltered until the first Su day in October !

For me, it was only a matter of time before he came good and fitted in with the WT style of play.

Agreed guys. Was a great game from Blair.

The heat has come off Blair 'cause we are winning….for mine Blair is nowhere near a $500k player…we paid at least $250k overs for him and Humpty and co made a gross mistake paying that much for him

Very good game by Blair, today Woods, Galloway, Blair, Bell, BMM were all very good. I know that was his first game after injury, but hope Heigno can play better than today.
Use of the bench still mystifies me, IMHO Humble and Moors deserve more than 5/10 minutes of game time.

Go Tigers.


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