Serious question……Is Heighno the weakest forward in the NRL?

Heighno runs at backs and gets pushed back all the time.

Benji puts him into some incredible gaps and he rarely makes his way through even soft cover D.

Today, he was over for the winning try…yet a 5 foot full back spun him around and held him up (on his own).

Ben Creagh is not exactly a tough nut, but Creagh busts holes like Heighno can only dream of.

I’ve met Heighno a few times and he’s not a small man. He’s built like Gallen and Bird.

So, why does he get pushed and dominated physically by just about every player in the NRL? Is it technique? Lack of leg stength? What?

I thought he played well today. He runs lines well he is incredibly willing. But he just dead set cannot bend anyone back. ❓

You gotta remember that full backs are the last line of defense and that’s one of there jobs to save trys, and it was heighno’s first game back after injury

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May not be the best player in the NRL but certainly not the worst. He’s gives it his all and I am sure he will contribute towards the back end of the season.

Yeah I remember a slightly built Hodgo doing the same thing on some big forwards trying to cross the line a few times also.

On Heighington, I agree though, cnx. It irritates me how he can’t seem to bend the line or capitalise on some of the good passes Benji gives him. He has a great build and looks really fit - I can’t understand it either.

Yeah, I don’t know how he walked back into first grade. He’s not impactful enough and doesn’t have a great workload like Fulton. Hopefully Dwyer returns, he is one of the best hole runner in the NRL I reckon.

the play just stops with him. you can just see, as long as he gets the ball, the whole line starts to think of the next play. he does get the quick PTB though.

I thought he had a good game ,but each to their own .

I only saw the game on tv but was thinking the same thing…he winds up 100m/ph and someone lays a finger on him and stops dead in his track , not to mention one of their smallest players ran straight over the top of him in segeyaro. Hes been a great clubman but id say his best years are well and truly behind him

in regards to your question: Yes.
he is ineffective in attack, absolutely useless.

would probably kill it in the UK though,
hopefully sooner rather than later.

@max power:

I only saw the game on tv but was thinking the same thing…he winds up 100m/ph and someone lays a finger on him and stops dead in his track

That’s what I am getting at. It’s like he hits a brick wall. Even when tiny centers hit him……instantly stops or goes backwards.

To the fellas saying “first game back” etc, it’s been like this for a few years. Nothing to do with today. He just has zero impact.

And to 1/4 chicken, I agree he had a decent game. He runs lines well, he tries his guts out. He tackles all day.

It’s just puzzling why he gets pushed back / stopped so easily.

Ido agree with what you are saying re RHINO cnx.

Rhino has been a great club man, unfortunately he is providing no impact on the paddock . I prefer Bell in the starting line up.

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I don’t want to sound negative as he has been a great club man. Long term this season though I really don’t want to see Heighno AND Liam in the same side. We lose so much impact when they both are in the backrow.

Liam’s form demands he’s in the team.

Liam deserves a spot ahead of Heighno however Heighno went real well today. It was a good effort.

I like Heighno but he was a decent player and now he is well past his best.

We can carry him on his own as other guys can make the metres but him and Fulton on at the same time is a disaster.

There is absolutely no way he should also play 80 minutes. Again he was turning his back and struggling back to his mark in the final 10, ala the souths game. Thankfully the cowboys didnt have enough ball to exploit it.

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