Best game of the year

this was imo the best game of the year both in attack and in defence.
we tightened up the ruck, bell was picking em up and throwing em into the ground all day.
benji, robbie, aysh all got into the playmaker’s face.

in attack, lots of inside runners, best game lawrence played all year. keep playing like this every day son.
bmm is going to be benji’s go to man. awesome game by him.

over all, an almost flawless performance. lawrence, tuqiri, heighno, utai, blair, moltzen, farah and galloway <– all of theirs best game this season.

KEEP PLAYING LIKE THIS. proud to be a tiger’s supporter! :sign:

Definitely! We played a really good side today and came out on top. Much better than the scratchy wins of recent weeks, but I guess those performances laid the platform for this win. How good was it to win by more than one or two points, also 🙏

Despite all the bad decisions in the first half our boys stuck in and got the job done. Best on park were Farah, Utai, Marshall, Bell, Woods, and Lawrence.

Crowd seemed disappointing considering it was a sunday arvo game in cambo (I was there) but made up for it with the noise. Campbelltown crowds are some of the most vocal I have ever heard.

Hey Underdog, how’s my tipping going now? Five in a row! 😛


Hey Underdog, how’s my tipping going now? Five in a row! 😛

It’s brilliant!

Keep up the “good” work! 😃

I was on the road and only caught the end of the game on radio, and the ABC commentators were raving about the game as entertainment value and non-stop action.

Just quietly- Adam Blair is really starting to poke his head through the line now & look to offload…looks like he’s finding his feet.

If Moltzen starts hovering around him in attack, things could start to look interesting there.

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