Our starting props

great games by both.
over 170 metres in attack
They are the guys who set up a win like todays ,

Both were excellent.

All four props were great today. The big bloke Topau was sensational for them.

Him and Woods for NSW the next few years is going to swing it back our way eventually.

Woods’ form over the last six weeks has been outstanding. We will be lucky to keep them over the next couple of origin games.

Woods and Galloway are absolute guns.

I think Tamou is better than both of them however we have two great props at the moment.

I gave both of them points today…I think they’re finally giving us some go forward that we’ve been missing for so long. Woods has been awesome all year and to see big Keefy running with a bit of venom rather than just loping into the defence makes me wanna punch air!!

heaps of ppl are critical over the yrs of galloway “lopping the ball” forward… i think he does it to pick the defender to run at and drive past them… he never gets stopped in his tracks or drivin back…
As for tamou i was impressed with him chasing down benji… the rest was ok… works hard… looked good when robbie missed a one on one tackle on him…
Woods and galloway are playing great togther… thats the best front row partnership to come up against and the boys done great… basically a 2 man show up front against 4 with 2 internationals…

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