Aaron Woods

Just saying, another 170+ metres & 30 plus tackles.
It may seem less impressive because he does it every week - but it’s not - it’s freaking incredible.
esp. paired with Kieth doing exactly the same thing.

Dude, just imagine the player he’ll be when he hits 25

Up against two of the best props in the comp today and both he and Keith held their own nicely, well done fellas :slight_smile:

In the last 10 mins of the game one hit up in particular I noticed, carried three forwards 10m….at the end of the game. Impressive

Yep innsaneink, good call. I seem to remeber a few months back pezza and the boys writing off this pack of forwards screaming for Mason to be signed…. So glad the sponsors or whoever stopped that happening. I love winning now just as much as anyone, but giving these young guys more experience and trying to keep credibility looks like its starting to pay off. Premierships aren’t won in April!!!

Aaron woods is turning into a superstar.
Was amazing today, actually all 4 starting props played really well, would love to see Woods join Tamou in the sky blue prop rotation for game 2 and 3

Well with Tamou on report and facing at least 2 games off, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Woods get a call up, especially given his performance against a team with half the queensland side in it, and tamou to boot.

His work rate, especially in attack is sensational. Not to mention the valuable 30 odd tackles he gives you every game.

If I hear this bullshit ‘he’s not ready for Origin’ line again regarding Woods I’ll spew. He is without doubt the ‘form’ front rower of the competition and the maturity in which he handled the likes of Scott and Tamou today suggest he’s ready for representative football. If Jamie Buhrer is, this guy most certainly is.

Gee woods is becoming a great front rower a real toiler who just goes forward…

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You go AARON WOODS. What a great game he had. He and Keithy just dominated up the middle against quality opposition. I wouldn’t trade either of them. In one of the last sets of the game as the ball had kicked through Gals was back and took the first hit up, next up was A Woods. Outstanding!

212 metres, 5 tackle breaks, 2 offloads and 36 tackles. He’s ready for Origin alright.


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I’m happy to be corrected, but I can’t recall a front rower having a more impressive 6 weeks in the short history of our club than woods has had this year.

have to love everything about the kid.
no crap tactics in his game just straight up good player.
old head on young shoulders who will take the extra hit up in a set when we are struggling.
looks for the offload but doesn’t force the issue.

i don’t know how long his extension was last year but be ready to extend again.


i don’t know how long his extension was last year but be ready to extend again.

throw the frigging cheque book at him!

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