Sironen vs Miller

I can’t help but compare Sirros 30 minutes to the 5 games Miller has played. In 30 minutes of football we saw more from Sironen than we have from any of Millers games.

At this age, its not about a player making breaks, scoring tries, etc, its about seeing potential and you saw from watching Sirro get the ball for the first time that he just looked like a footballer. Miller in all his games has never looked that comfortable.

As I said, I never expected Miller to come up with big plays and win us games etc, but you expect to see something. Something you can’t really describe, its when a player gets the ball and runs and you just think, yep he’s got it. and to be honest in 5 games I hardly remember a play where i thought this kid has a real future with us.

Sironen on the other hand just looked comfortable. Chimed in like he had played there all season.

I agree…

never understood all the love for Miller, didnt see him do anything, didnt seem to fit in

Sirro seems to be in place though

Yep, he had presence, that’s for sure!

I think Siro had one of the best debuts ever for a WT player. But how can you compare the two. JM gets brought in at tough times when we’re struggling, CS the opposite. One plays 5/8 the other HB. One carries the name the other doesn’t. Sheens knew all along the WT will only keep one.

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At the moment I think is closer to Sironen > Miller than Sironen V Miller

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Mostly impressed with his defence to be honest. He made some critical tackles of the back of our kicks.
No doubt his presence in attack will be seen next week and with the more game time he receives. With Ayshford out, you’d think he is going to be in 1st grade for the duration and possibly remainder of the year if he pays well.

being a little harsh on Miller IMO.

They play a different style, I like both players and expect we’ll see both play a lot of NRL.

Unfortunately it appears that Miller is likely to head to St George, think he’ll carve out a decent career there.

Different players, different positions, different instructions.

Miller will be our loss, another’s gain and has a good career ahead of him.

Yep, you cant compare them as they both play 2 different games and mainly both had 2 different positions to forfill… Jacob was pitched between to dominant [world class] players, whereas Curtis was given the luxury to stay on the outside and float a little.

The biggest thing I noticed after seeing young Sirro yesterday, is he has obviously been around the ‘in’ crowd at the Tigers for a while.

Lets see how he goes after 5 games!

Going to agree with the OP- Sironen had a certain ‘presence’ yesterday that Miller has yet to show. I know a lot on here defend Miller, because I’m sure his football away from the top grade is excellent as the reports suggest. But in the top grade he’s never given an impression of being ‘the guy’. That ‘presense’ isn’t there. Maybe it’ll come. Don’t know. But from what I saw of Sironen yesterday, he’s just about ready to play top grade now. Live with the mistakes & let him play. Wonder if Anasta is being brought over to mentor him?

Hope he starts vs the raiders.

yeah agree. Siro feels like he belongs. I even watched Miller in the u/20s origin to see if he had a spark and I don’t see it…

he has a good kicking game, and good instincts but against real quality he doesn’t dominate yet. I’m sure he will somewhere else (dragons)… it’s a shame we have such good players already coming through… was the same with Jake Mullaney. he will have a good career but not at the tigers.

I am the OP, and I know it isnt always fair to compare as they are completely different players.

But as I said, you see a player, you look at him and generally you can tell if hes got it. In 30 minutes you saw more from Sirro than what I have had from Miller. Miller hasnt shown anything yet. As I said you dont expect him to win us games but id like to see him show us potential (Eg run at the line and look threatening, HASNT HAPPENED, put in decent kicks in the top grade, HASNT HAPPENED, etc).

Miller has the luxury of playing behind a dominating forward pack in 20s, and a backline which is probably as good as our first grade backline (or not far off). I think he might be ok in the future, but at the moment he is nowhere near it.

Pretty sure it has been mentioned, But financially and with our current stocks… WT’s was only ever gonna keep one of these boys, Straight up one on one there was never much contest and Miller would never had a chance.
That being said, Curtis is Wests Tigers through and through… It the only team he would have ever followed, And at this point I, (As others do) honestly believe he has more to offer than Miller.
As for being comfortable around the team… It would be safe to assume he has grown up around most of them and with his Old man still heavily involved in Balmain… Playing with Superstars wouldn’t/doesn’t faze him!!
Having spent time chatting with Curtis a function recently, He comes across confident, Level headed and an all round good kid… AND he can certainly play!!
I was at the game, And I thought we only looked composed as a team when he was on the park… Lawrence and Ayshy still appear to be out of sorts… Cowboys are a BIG side, he didn’t shy away from work and look threatening at the line… With young Marshall-King, And Rudolph also coming through…
Looks like the WT’s future in the Halves is in good hands FINALLY!!

He is so much bigger than miller and as alot of other people on this thread have said looked very comfortable out there . I don’t understand what all the wraps on miller were about this guy shits all over him . But I guess we will see how he goes starting if he does this week , I think he will tear Canberra a new one

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