The Beards

What is the go with the WT players all having beards (apart from Rowdy). Is it about not shaving until you have a loss. Recall something similar last year going into the finals. I must admit they look bigger and meaner with facial hair.

Keep it going boys. Lets have some Ned Kelly’s by year end.

Pre meditated facial hair for upcoming night game s in Canberra & Melbourne 😆

Last year they started it for either one of Benji or Farahs charities. Had to pay if shaved. Co-incided with the winning streak and a few got a bit superstisous about not shaving - namely Robbie. Moght be a similar thing this year. C’mon Sheensy.

If it’s the beards that are making them play like they did yesterday then they can keep them on forever! 😆

it’s winter…
i’m growing mine at the moment too, for those cold days

Beards should be part of the uniform imo

Love it, flash backs to the 80’s and 90’s. Just need the 2 hair styles to go with the beards. Either the long sweaty caveman type hair or the ear strap ala Siro type head wear. Im sure it looks a lot more imposing when a player the size of Woods, Kieffy and Blair runs at you.

^^^^ early 90’s……Pre-metro days

Noticed there were a lot of hair cuts as well. Maybe it was Barber week.

They can grow beards and play like Geoff Robinson if they like

At least we know they are hitting it up at 100% every time

He didn’t anything in the garage thats for sure

What was that about the garage? :roll

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