Danger game

Canberra in Canberra, always eventful. Weather forecast is for a maximum of 13 , so by kickoff its going to be mighty chilly! They will have Josh Dugan back , out to impress for origin and also Blake Ferguson. A convincing win is needed and it should be, but, we are the unpredictable, so expect some drama!

been told Edrick Lee will hold spot in 17 and will be starting CTW, feeling Beau and Utai will be in for tough day, the kid has the speed and the build to be anything

Someone put on dollar drinks in Canberra this week! Josh & Blake would be all over it.

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Agreed: it’s a classic trap game after five wins on the bounce. Not that I think the Raiders are all that flash, but they pulled our pants down at Campbelltown (by embarrassing us tactically, even more depressingly) so we’ll have to guard against complacency.

I think the boys have enough to play for, to pull out a win.

  • Canberra embarrassed us earlier in the season
  • Woods and Galloway could push for a blues Jersey
  • Back row playing for starting positions
  • Backs under pressure to keep there position
  • Wins during origin are always valuable

In '05 we played this game in a similar position and were play terribly in the first half, think we were down 14 or 16 to nil at half time, and scored 3 tries in the 2nd half to keep our streak going.

We have a very reasonable record against the Raiders, even at Bruce Stadium, but we do get complacent at times and I feel like Saturday could be one of those games (similar to the Titans performance)

Canberra have a terrible record at home in recent years.

We should regain our dominance over them after that blip on the radar last start….but as they say no game is easy and as long as theres no complacency ((Manly @ Penrith???))- we turn up to play and have the right attitude the result should take care of itself for us.

Every team is a possible loss the comps that close, but the Raiders have the forwards to worry us. If we play like we have the last two weeks we should be right but the days of long winning streaks are nearly over the salary cap has got the comp pretty close

I reiterate Canberra is an obstacle in the pursuit of our goal. I know we can play football but do you think we’ve got it right upstairs yet. This is what I’m waiting for. If we do have it right then Canberra is there for the taking.

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I still have bad memories of sitting through our last game against the raiders in which Campese tore WTs apart. Fortunately Campese won’t be there this time but their big pack will be however WTs pack has been aiming up so we will match them there and go on to win.

Our team seems to be getting better with each win. We showed a lot more attacking flair in the game last weekend but just couldn’t get across the line most of the time. If we have the right attitude, I think we should win convincingly. And we should have the right attitude after losing to them earlier this year!

C’mon Wests, let’s make it 6 in a row!!

seems like it might be a danger game but I’ve been thinking that the last couple of weeks and we came through, so here’s hoping the run continues

I would be surprised if they don’t test our edge defence again even though the Cowboys did last week without much success. As long as the WT tackler that comes in to shut the movement down doesn’t miss we’ll be okay but if not they’ll get around us again.

I think without Campese the Raiders are nowhere near as good in attack but our boys really need to make sure of this one.

Isn’t every game a danger game? In this yrs competition anyway!

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