Telegraph back peddle

How funny was it in yesterdays tele, they were criticising the Knights new recruits and laballed Buderus old. Yet for the first two months that very same paper was leading the chorus line of supporters for Buderus to be the Origin hooker. They must realy think we’re stupid 😒

Exactly why I don’t bother reading it. I could get more sense out of my 4 year old then the tele hacks.

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When you substitute quality journalism for sensationalist headlines to sell papers, it doesn’t suprirse me they would run something like that.

Telegraph is a reflection of the supporters, whatever we’re kind of thinking, they’ll print a back page story so we’ll pick it up. Ignoring anything written by Phil Rothfield, there is still some good information you can take from their League section.

makes for good bush dunny paper

To be fair (And this is just a one off ocassion), Rothfield has backed Farah as NSW hooker all season.

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