Sam Kasiano resigns with Bulldogs for 3 years

Sam Kasiano has signed with Bulldogs for a further 3 seasons

Anyone who isn’t a techno tard like myself may want to attach the story to the thread from NRL .com

Along with Woods the best young forward running around and a Qlder to boot

As expected. I remember an article in either the Terrorgraph or SMH the other day saying he was tipping the scales at 133kg. I would fair dinkum crap my pants with him running at me.

he is the biggest man in nrl i think he was 10 kg’s heavier/fatter than Dave Taylor and 20 kgs or somthing bigger than george rose

Supposedly he is 10kg more than the trainers want him to be. Doesn’t seem to hold him back though.

Might not hold him back now but must put a lot of pressure on his knees/legs.

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